Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Champagne Sales At Restaurants, Burger Chain Sued & More

December 31, 2012
If Congress can't come to an agreement with the White House on New Year's Eve to broker a deal that will avert the "fiscal cliff," the economic mood of the country could be far less than bubbly tomorrow. Continue reading...
Woman Sues Burger Chain Over Chairs

How Ina Celebrates New Year's Eve

Ridiculous McDonald's Reviews On Yelp

New Year, New You: Cleanse Comparison
Holiday season is nearly over and if you've enjoyed yourself, chances are your pants are a little tighter than they were earlier this fall. With dozens of cleanses out there, I conducted a side-by-side comparison of several to start the year on the right foot. Continue reading...
Chinese Restaurant Menus Are Too Damn Long
Many of the best Chinese restaurants in the country still abide by the same philosophy of menu writing as those strip mall takeout joints. They write menus that are too damn long. Continue reading...
Eating Your Way Through 2013
This year I have promised myself to meditate daily, spend more time with my family, shop more carefully, entertain more often, and eat more mindfully. Some of that has to do with paying attention to the upcoming trends this year. Continue reading...
Spotted: New Burger King Menu Items for 2013
Looks like the new menu item train continues to run hard and fast at Burger King. Continue reading...
Santa Ynez Valley -- It's Happening
Something exciting is happening in the Santa Ynez Valley. Beyond its rustic beauty, exceptional climate for growing fruit, steadily improving wines, and somewhat superlative location, it now appears to be poised on the launch pad of cultural relevance. Continue reading...

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Friday, December 28, 2012

After Jackson, EPA Faces Big Decisions On U.S. Fracking Boom

December 28, 2012

By Jonathan Leff and Joshua Schneyer

NEW YORK, Dec 28 (Reuters) - The past four years of U.S. environmental regulation was marked by a crackdown on emissions that angered coal miners and power companies. Over the next four, the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency will have to decide whether to take on an even larger industry: Big Oil.
 Continue reading...
Boom Turns To Bust For Wind Industry

The Worst Natural Disasters Of 2012

Senate Makes Moves On Sandy Aid

2012: A Farewell to Creatures Great (and Small)
The disruption of entire eco-systems is harmful to the people who depend upon them for their economic survival. Poaching in developing countries may temporarily enrich the poachers, but posterity is inevitably impoverished. Continue reading...
Fossil Fuel Front Groups on the Front Page
Fossil fuel-funded front groups, commonly referred to as "think tanks" or "institutes," have been secretly influencing the media and the public on energy issues by moving pro-fossil fuel messaging. Continue reading...
Climate Model Coverage: Far From Model Journalism
Rather than merely focus on their imprecise nature, the media should take some time to elaborate on the complexity of computer models and shed light on why they are imprecise, describing what we know along with what we don't know. Continue reading...
The Dirty Secret of Climate Change
Amid all the complex data and opinion about climate change, the dirty secret is quite obvious, so simple and awkward that it's rarely discussed. Continue reading...
A Natural Stewardship Amendment
A number of state constitutions explicitly gives legislators the responsibility for stewardship of natural resources for the benefit of future generations. Let's make a New Year's pledge to the future. Let's work towards wider adoption of this simple idea. Continue reading...

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fast Food Resolutions, Bacon Soap, Fish McBites And More

December 27, 2012
The fast food industry continues to be one of the most powerful forces in the U.S. and across the globe, affecting not just the daily lives of people who work and eat there but the communities in which they operate. Continue reading...
Gordon Ramsay Fires Back At Bourdain, Oliver

Restaurant Makes Soap Out Of Bacon Grease

Fish McBites Coming Soon To McDonald's Nationwide For Limited Time

There Is Nothing More American Than Apple Pie, Right?
It turns out that the most iconic pie in American culture and history is, in fact, not American at all. Before you throw your laptop across the room in disbelief, give me a chance to support my case. Continue reading...
Let Us Break Bread Together: Table Talk on Thursdays
A year from now, let's have more than 100 congregations and other groups follow Wesley Seminary's lead and gather folks around the table for food, fellowship and conversation. Continue reading...
The World of Distilled Spirits (video)
 Continue reading...
A Kickstarter Project That Will Empower Women in South Africa's Wine Industry
Indeed, South Africa is one of the fastest growing wine countries in the world. But wine has been a segregated luxury in this diverse country and for the majority of its viticultural history it remained conspicuously absent from the majority of black neighborhoods. Continue reading...
Christmas Souks in Amman: Discovering the City's Winter Spirit
I found Amman's holiday spirit in its sense of community and entrepreneurship -- inspiring, charming and uncompromisingly diligent -- and the sense of giving, whether through art, music or food. Continue reading...

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