Friday, June 29, 2012

Garbage Trucks' Diesel Fumes May Be Increasing Asthma In New York City Neighborhoods

Friday, June 29, 2012
A swarm of parents and kids filled the sidewalk outside North Brooklyn's PS 132 on a steamy June afternoon. Just feet away, a steady stream of large trucks rumbled down Metropolitan Avenue, the fleet nearly outnumbering the passing cars.
Haunting Photos Emerge From Deadly Tropical Storm
California Growers Express Fracking Concerns
WATCH: Wildfires Seen From International Space Station
What To Do If You Find Tsunami Debris
Tulsa Group Says Yes To Keystone XL Segment
Elliott Negin: Pyromania at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is playing with fire -- literally. The federal government's nuclear industry watchdog recently granted the Browns Ferry plant in Alabama an extra year to comply with agency fire regulations.
Leila Monroe: Cooperation Key in Dealing with Tsunami Debris
As more than a million tons of trash and debris from last year's devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan float toward the West Coast, everyone's worried about what it will mean for the region's beaches and public health.
Jeffrey Flocken: Tragic Losses in the Heart of Darkness
Because the world's most imperiled species are sometimes found in the world's most dangerous places, the combustible mix of focused altruism and local desperation can collide and result in horrific tragedy.
Joe Elton: National Parks Are Feeling the Pinch
Like most of us, I've assumed national parks would always be around. But unfortunately, for the first time in more than a century, these national treasures are not a guaranteed part of our landscape.
Ilana Solomon: Congress Calls for Transparency, Improvements to 21st Century Trade
There's been a scuttle of Congressional activity surrounding what one paper purported "may be one of the most important stories ever ignored by the media."

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Canadian Food 'Hacks'.. Gay Canadians We Love.. Healthiest Foods In The World

Friday, June 29, 2012
The Huffington Post Canada asked our prodigious food bloggers and staff to remake some classic culinary Canadiana in honour of Canada Day, and their 'hacks' are impressive.
Gay Canadians We Love: Celebrating Pride, Canuck Style
Healthy Food: 50 Of The Best In The World
Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Divorce: Couple To Split After 5 Years Of Marriage
Vancouver On Craigslist: Pedestrians Read Hilarious Craigslist Ads Out Loud (VIDEO)
13 Straight Canadians Who Show Their Pride
Wendy Litner: My Longest Relationship...Is With My Anti-Depressants
It occurred to me, recently, that I can't remember when I first started anti-depressants. Was I on pills at my Bat-Mitzvah? Did I take one the morning of my Grade 10 biology exam? I don't know. I have been in a relationship with drugs for so long that I can no longer recall our first date. I wonder now if I should be breaking up with my drugs, if they have really been all that good to me.
Margaret Refell: How Music Helps You Lose Weight
As far as diets go, we've pretty much seen it all. The simple answer is, there is no simple answer. Let's try focusing on maximizing the time that we are exercising, as well as boost our basal (resting) metabolism naturally. One of the little known ways of doing this is through music.
Ann Blumenthal Jacobs: I Can't Stand The Man My Daughter is Marrying -- Help!
There is no question that when your adult children tell you they are going to get married it is SUPPOSED to be a time of celebrations, toasts, and exciting plans for the upcoming wedding. But what do you do if you think your kids are making a mistake and you don't like who they've chosen to marry?
John Izzo: Take the Happiness Challenge With These Six Tips
Why are some people happy while others seem miserable? This isn't an easy answer since there are many factors that determine our happiness, but the good news is that anyone can train themselves for happiness by consciously choosing it. And when you're happier, it has a positive effect on your health and well-being. Here are six habits to foster everyday happiness:
Colette Kenney: What to do When He STILL Won't Propose
You and your boyfriend have been together for years, you're perfect together, in fact he's told you that you're the one. So what gives? Why won't he just propose already? Here's some advice for those who lay awake at night wondering when -- if ever -- the big day will come.

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50 Of The Healthiest Foods In The World

Friday, June 29, 2012
Each month at HuffPost Healthy Living, we compile lists of the most in-season, fresh superfoods -- this June, for instance, we celebrated figs, zucchini and apricots, among others. But these monthly articles got us thinking -- what are some of the healthiest foods generally, despite the season?
6 Top Foods For Vision
Can't Sleep? 5 Things Keeping You Awake At Night
Kristi Yamaguchi and 10 Other Olympians Who Went From Gold Medalist To Health Entrepreneur
Our 5 Biggest Foot-Related Problems
50 Cent: My Workout Music For Success
Music is my passion. It's allowed me to get where I am today, and­ my success in the industry helped me start other projects and businesses. I don't listen to just one genre, so my music collection and playlists reflect all types of artists and music.
Jeff Tomczek: 9 Things I Wish I'd Been Told When I Was Diagnosed With Cancer
You will be different. You will never have the same sense of self. You should embrace this. Your old self was probably really great. Your transformed self will be even better. Give into what is happening and trust it.
Linden Schaffer: 5 Reasons Using Your Vacation Days Is Good For Your Health
People who pride themselves on not taking their vacation days ruin it for the rest of us! Taking off for a week long or longer is not only good for your health, but it can improve your work too. Here are five reasons to claim those vacation days.
David Sack, M.D.: Can You Literally Be Lovesick?
Popular culture has done us a great disservice in our understanding of romantic love. From a young age, we watch movies and read books that form the scripts of our adult relationships. But popular culture usually gets it wrong, and ends up confusing love with limerence.

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