Thursday, January 31, 2013

Violent Storms Leave Several Dead And Thousands More Without Power

January 31, 2013

ADAIRSVILLE, Ga. (AP) — A violent storm system that spawned deadly tornadoes in the South delivered torrential rain and dangerous winds to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, leaving at least three people dead and tens of thousands without electricity as swollen rivers threatened flooding.

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Confessions of a Closet Football Fan
The NFL has a huge and growing ecological footprint in an age when the planet and the grandkids can't afford it. Continue reading...
The New Climate Reality: Expensive, Destructive, and Coming in Hot
Call us crazy but wouldn't it make more sense to consider a long-term investment in our future through embracing renewable energy, funding innovative technologies and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, rather than "reconstruction efforts" or throwing money at the problem after the fact? Continue reading...
Kenya 3: Collaring an Elephant to Help Against Poaching
Researchers are trying to build an "alarm collar." It's a new kind of collar that can show if an elephant is up, down, or running. They hope to eventually use that information to more quickly dispatch rangers to try to catch poachers before they get too far. Continue reading...
Opponents of Sandy Relief Should Form the 'Jackass' Caucus
Former Sen. Al D'Amato has called the opponents of Sandy relief a "bunch of jackasses." It's a term they should embrace. I recognize that many potential members of the Caucus may not seem qualified -- after all, they have requested assistance when disasters have struck their districts in the past. Continue reading...
The Flaming Faucet That Ignited the Mothers Project: A Conversation With Angela Monti Fox
Angela Monti Fox is a psychotherapist and social worker by vocation, but she's also an activist by what you might call an accident of birth -- she's the mother of filmmaker Josh Fox, whose 2010 Emmy award-winning documentary Gasland exposed the perils of hydraulic fracturing. Continue reading...

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Taco Bell-Flavored Doritos, Chick-fil-A Sales, Budweiser Sued And More

January 31, 2013
Frito-Lay wants a bigger bite of Taco Bell's popular Doritos Locos Tacos.
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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Chain Restaurants
Last weekend in London, after lunch at a cute little patisserie in Soho, I was feeling all satisfied with myself until I saw the same patisserie -- same food, same interior, same smell coming out the door. Oh, I thought, deflated. It's a chain. But what am I actually against? Continue reading...
McDonald's Tests Overlapping Breakfast, Lunch
By limiting both menus to a few "best of" products, McDonald's may have found a way to keep everyone happy, at least from midnight to 4 a.m. Continue reading...
Dealing With Second-String Players
I ask you, restaurant operators, do you use second- or third-string players on slow nights, hoping they won't mess up too much? If so, how do you avoid major missteps? And readers, do you sense you're dealing with second stringers on slow nights? Continue reading...
Study Grades the Nutritional Quality of Fast-Food Menus
From a nutritional point of view, if we were to invent the worst diet ever -- one with a component list designed uniquely for unhealthy weight gain and cardiovascular and metabolic morbidity -- we'd be hard pressed to imagine one worse than the typical fast food regimen. Continue reading...

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The ‘Extraordinary Challenge’ Of A Resource-Efficient World

January 30, 2013
NEW DELHI, INDIA -- Inside India's Hotel Taj Palace, beyond the armed guards at the gate, through the security checkpoint, up the sweeping marble staircase and then down the two sets of escalators, a group of world leaders are gathering under rows of chandeliers to discuss resource efficiency. Continue reading...
Airlines' Billion-Dollar Bonanza Underscores Need for Real Climate Action
Aviation is one of the fastest-growing sources of carbon pollution, rising 3 to 4 percent per year. Getting a handle on this problem is critical if we're going to head off catastrophic climate change. Continue reading...
Seven Eco-Friendly Options at Fast-Food Chains
We asked a few quick-fix connoisseurs to recommend fast-food fare that greenies can order with a clear conscience. From Five Guys fries to Panera Bread, here are their suggestions. Continue reading...
After the Inauguration: A National Conversation on Carbon
The time for this national carbon conversation is overdue. We are already paying the price of carbon pollution, and now we need to ensure polluters pay the price if we are to address this challenge. Continue reading...
Good Food Awards: Authenticity, Soul and Integrity
The Slow Food movement refers to consumers as "co-producers" and promotes the concept that food should be good, clean and fair. The Good Food Award winners supports this idea that we all have a role in how our food is produced. Continue reading...
Pop Some Tags: Green Fashion 101
Add another question to those that we women usually ask ourselves before purchasing, i.e. "Do I like it?" "Can I afford it?" and "Does it look good on me?" (Or, the converse, "Does this make me look fat?") The fourth question: "Is it sustainable?" Continue reading...

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