Thursday, May 10, 2012

Worst Mother's Day Gifts.. Jon Hamm's Dating Advice.. Fast Eating Can Cause What?

Thursday, May 10, 2012
Surprise! It's a... shoehorn. Can you think of a worse Mother's Day gift?
Fast Eaters May Have Higher Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes
'Everybody Farts': Jon Hamm Gives Great Dating Advice
One In Six Cancers Caused By Preventable Infections, Study Finds
Should You Check Your Spouse's Texts?
Mother's Day E-Cards From Awkward Family Photos
Nat & Marie: Top 5 Coolest Instagram Accessories on the Web
As is customary on the web, when one thing explodes, you can expect to find a wave of websites, applications and services to offer you various ways to enrich your experience. Here are five unique ways to enjoy your Instagram gems online and offline.
Stephanie Hallett: Is It Ever OK To Propose Because You Cheated?
You should only propose to someone because you love them and because you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Not for any other reason. If you propose out of guilt, both parties will become resentful.
Mairlyn Smith: Hate Grocery Shopping? Here's How to Love it
I love shopping for food, which could explain why nothing fits me when I go shopping for clothes. After many years of shopping when everyone in town plus their five kids are in the store, I have a couple of tips to help you survive the expedition.
Pega Ren: Depression Has Many Faces
2012-05-08-mentalhealth1.jpg Why is it so difficult to treat depression? Part of the problem is in our definition of the term. In fact, there are two distinct depressions: situational and clinical. It would be so much easier if we called the two depressions by different names, for then we could explain better how we feel and know better what might help.
Roland C. Warren: Octomom: Her Children, Her Choice and Our Responsibility
Suleman's story exposes the fact that for the last few decades, our culture has been constructing a modern-day "Tower of Babel" in celebration of "personal choice," especially when it comes to sex.

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