Thursday, June 7, 2012

Best & Worst Nachos, Bread Shaped Like Humans, Cranberry Caucus And More

Thursday, June 7, 2012
HuffPost Food recently went on a tour de force of some of America's major casual dining chains. Regardless of your taste in cuisine, chances are you've found yourself at a casual dining restaurant before, whether one is your go-to Friday night spot or a road trip-only meal. These national chains pride themselves on creating a menu that can appeal to a wide variety of eaters. But are these calorie-heavy appetizers worth it? We pitted eight appetizers from eight casual dining chains against each other to find out. Week 2: Nachos.
Canned vs. Bottled Beer: Can You Really Taste The Difference?
PHOTOS: Artist Bakes Bread In Shape Of Human Body Parts
State Reverses Five Wives Vodka Ban
Duo To Cook Through Entire History Of 'Gourmet' Magazine
'Cranberry Caucus' Wants Regulators To Go Easy On Cranberry Juice
Tamar Haspel: Raising Pigs for Meat: Love Them, Kill Them, Eat Them
Our pigs arrived two days ago, and never did anything cuter grace a cloven hoof. They're about 25 pounds each now, and we're going to get them to about 240. Then we are going to kill them and eat them.
Anneli Rufus: Chocolate Salad, Chocolate Sandwiches
Got so much chocolate around the house that you don't know how to use it all? Love chocolate so much that you want to eat it in every meal of the day, not just for dessert but in actual food? Yes, you can.
Imbibe: Modern (And Often Boozy) Takes On Iced Tea
We've rounded up a handful of cocktail and mocktail recipes that offer decidedly modern takes on the classic cooler.
Michele Simon: Your Burger Just Got a Little Safer, Thanks to Uncle Sam
Testing is not true prevention, and we still have a long way to go toward cleaning up the industrialized meat system. It also doesn't make ground beef completely safe or, for that matter, healthy. But it's a start.
Snooth: The Key To Pairing Wine And Cheese
With very few exceptions, cheese in a restaurant means a cheese plate, and pairing wines with an assortment of cheeses changes the equation entirely.

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