Monday, June 4, 2012

Egg Company Warned Of Salmonella, Starbucks To Buy Bakery, Deep-Fried iPad And More

Monday, June 4, 2012
An Iowa State University scientist found evidence that sick hens at farms owned by an Iowa egg producer were "almost certainly" laying eggs contaminated with salmonella months before one of the nation's largest outbreaks of food-borne illness came to light, newly released records show.
Starbucks To Buy Bakery For $100 Million
PHOTOS: Deep-Fried iPad, iPhone And More
Subway Testing Doritos Nachos
WATCH: Bartender's Incredible Acrobatic Mixing Act
Luxury Dining Comes To Somalia
So Good: Hard To Swallow: 8 Edible Urban Legends
Here are eight food related urban legends, covering fact, fiction and the gray, "Google it" bits somewhere in-between.
The Daily Meal: The Most Outrageous Burger Toppings
So what kinds of toppings are zany enough to make this list? Surely a burger topped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge fits the bill.
Alec Baldwin: Why Bloomberg Is Right
I think Mayor Michael Bloomberg is right. At least in spirit. Food is a drug. At least in the way it is marketed today, which is significantly different from when I grew up. As a child, sweets were referred to as "treats," and were dispensed far more judiciously than they are today. Now, Americans are obese, and in some areas of high concentration, morbidly obese, in numbers that are sapping the treasuries of the fifty states, undercutting U.S. competitiveness, and leaving this country vulnerable to a set of long-term health crises that we will struggle to overcome, if ever. All the while, millions will die unnecessarily simply because they fell victim to the marketing of unhealthy dietary choices. Whether you think an elitist, billionaire New Yorker has any business blocking your path to the soda fountain is one issue. His motives, however, are unquestionable.
Menuism: Dining Out, 'BrokeAss' Style
Every BrokeAss needs to eat out at a good restaurant or two. Here are a few of my favorite tips for people who want to eat out, but still maintain a healthy budget.
Bill Telepan: Fish and Chips and Rock & Roll
We always listen to music in our kitchens. It gets us psyched up for service or mellowed out while we prep

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