Thursday, July 5, 2012

18 Homemade Jams, Genius Corn Trick, and More Ideas For Summer

Thursday, July 5, 2012
Jam-making is actually easy to do -- all you need is fruit, some sugar, a pot and canning jars. So why not get started now while the picking is perfect? The best part about preserves is that you can enjoy them all year long -- simply keep a few jars tucked away in the pantry. Spread preserves on hearty bread, buttered toast, or even enjoy it with appetizers like cheese or in a grilled cheese sandwich. Check out our collection of recipes.
Gazpacho Recipes: Cold Soup For Summer
Frozen Dessert Recipes That Don't Require An Ice Cream Maker
The Easiest Way To Shuck Corn: In The Microwave
Wine Spritzer Recipes For Summer
Laura Kumin: Easy Cole Slaw
The best salad for a picnic on a hot day -- whether it is July 4th or later in the summer -- is one that you can prepare beforehand and that won't spoil in the heat. Here's one that fits the bill -- plus it's easy to make and tastes great.
Nicole Villeneuve: Ernest Hemingway: Bacon-Wrapped Trout With Corn Cakes
Ernest Hemingway has become such a legendary character, it's hard to think of a recipe that could match his macho reputation. Whether on a Cuban beach or the African savanna, Hem was a fan of the good life -- and that included good food.
Rebecca Gerendasy: How to Cure and Smoke Bacon at Home (Video)
2012-07-03-Bacon.jpg Ben Meyer of Grain & Gristle demonstrates how to cure and smoke pork belly into bacon you can store, and cook up later for enjoyment.
Snooth: The 7 Steps to Wine Geekdom
There's nothing wrong with starting on White Zin and inexpensive German wines.

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