Thursday, July 19, 2012

Best & Worst Chain Chicken Strips, Top Earning Chefs, Gwyneth Paltrow Food Film And More

Thursday, July 19, 2012
HuffPost Food recently went on a tour de force of some of America's major casual dining chains. Regardless of your taste in cuisine, chances are you've found yourself at a casual dining restaurant before, whether one is your go-to Friday night spot or a road trip-only meal. These national chains pride themselves on creating a menu that can appeal to a wide variety of eaters. But are these calorie-heavy appetizers worth it? We pitted eight appetizers from eight casual dining chains against each other to find out. Week 8: Chicken Strips.
The 10 Top Earning Chefs
Chick-Fil-A Responds To Anti-Gay Controversy On Facebook
Gwyneth Paltrow May Star In 'Blood, Bones & Butter' Film
Kit Kat Forced To Pull Instagram Resembling Infamous 'Pedobear'
WATCH: Rap Video Mocks Pretentious Cocktail Culture
Imbibe: 7 Icy Cocktails To Keep You Cool This Summer
Crushed, cubed, sphered and speared, ice is an essential cocktail element, and never more so than when the mercury rises.
Dan Garblik and Lalit Kalani: Lie to Your Friends - A Primer in Receiving Honest Feedback on Your Recipes
Friends and family are typically the first line of tasters for new recipes. They want to support you, which is precisely why they have the potential to be lousy guinea pigs if you're seriously thinking about selling your product.
Foodiggity: Le Nid, A Nest-Themed Sky Bar in France
High above the city of Nantes in western France, is perhaps one of the most interesting and thematic sky bars in the world.
Zester Daily: If You Like to Eat, Thank a Farmer
Everyone eats. All of us go to the store and purchase groceries. And yet, how many of us understand the food production system that we rely upon? How To Cocktail Video: Sangrita
When it comes to tequila, there are few people who we trust more than Jacques Bezuidenhout. So we were very excited when he shared with us his favorite recipe for Sangrita.

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