Monday, August 13, 2012

Eggshell Brownie Recipe, How To Plate Food, Best Packed Lunch And More

Monday, August 13, 2012
There's a lot of wheeling and dealing that goes on in the school cafeteria. Ham and cheese sandwiches are being traded for pretzels, and chocolate puddings are swapped for Doritos. When it comes to lunch hour, food is currency. The kid with all the power is the one whose mom packed a Twix bar in their lunch bag. And if all you have is a sandwich made with 9-grain homemade bread, then you're at the bottom of the totem pole.
Brownie In An Eggshell Recipe
How To Plate Food Like A Food Stylist
Blueberry Pie Recipe Worthy Of Baking
Kitchen Ninja: A Hack For Slicing Cherry Tomatoes
BLOG POSTS 5 Great Savory Cocktails
We love a good Bloody Mary, but there are times when we feel like it has unfairly monopolized the savory-drinks category.
Amie Valpone: Grilled Cherry Guacamole
Fresh cherries are the perfect add-in for your summertime guacamole because of their texture and ability to soak up the flavors of the avocado leaving you with a sweet taste in each bite.
Caroline Edwards: Oreo Baked Doughnuts
It's official. I'm obsessed with baked donuts. Because they're baked, you can have like 17 instead of just one of the fried kind, right?!? No, seriously.
Becky Rosenthal: Blueberry, Corn and Feta Salsa
This colorful mixture of blueberries, corn, feta, and red chilies makes the perfect summer dish to share with friends. You can try this as a spicy dip or a fresh salad.

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