Thursday, April 5, 2012

7 April Superfoods.. Advice For Interns.. Why Drinking Makes You Feel Prettier

Thursday, April 5, 2012
For many young workers, an internship teeters on that fine balance between weeks of unpaid labour, work experience and that hope you may just land a job with your dream company. And if numbers are any indication, the percentage of people willing to walk that tightrope is on the rise across the nation.
7 April Superfoods
Kid-Friendly Easter Egg Decorating
Celebrity Homes: Exes Who Kept The House In Their Divorce
Does Grey Hair Matter In The Workplace?
Why Drinking Makes You Feel Prettier
Kathleen Fordyce Rohan: Jumping the Fence
Did I do everything I could to help him? Why do I get to live, blessed so far to be disease free? Why am I the lucky one who gets to enjoy the feel of our son's little arms around my neck?
Colin Cowie: Finding Your Niche In Wedding Planning: Advice For Grooms
Whatever style of wedding you and your fiancée prefer, as the groom you need to decide early on how involved you want to be in the planning process, and make sure your bride understands and is supportive of your role.
Samantha Kemp-Jackson: Loot Bag Larceny and Other Parenting Perks
Surreptitious subterfuge is part and parcel of being a parent. Stealing candies from babies is just one of the many things that we parents do in our quest to equal the playing field and "get ours."
Andrew Smiler: Why So Bleak?
Girls talk about relationships almost exclusively with other girls or women. Boys get to figure it out for themselves, leading the sexes to different levels of understanding about relationships.
Adam McDowell: How to Make Punchier Punch
Punch used to be, and ideally still is, something both more spartan and more delicious -- and, dare I say, manlier. It should be based around spirits, water, sugar, spice and citrus. Except the citrus is in juice form, not sliced up as peels and left to turn soggy and gross.

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