Friday, April 27, 2012

Canada's Top 50 Restaurants.. Will Kate And Will Last?.. Religion And The Brain

Friday, April 27, 2012
Vij's, a restaurant in Vancouver that features contemporary Indian cuisine, has been named No. 1 out of 50 Canadian eateries in a survey by website
Will Their Marriage Last?
WATCH: Ellen Narrates '50 Shades'
6 Ways To Make Your Knives Last Longer
Beyonce: Feminist Or Fauxminist?
Religion & Brain: Belief Decreases With Analytical Thinking, Study Shows
Marlo Thomas: National Humor Month: Laughing Your Way to Good Health
There are two things I like to do every day of my life -- look after my health, and laugh. Not a bad combo, right? But did you know that by doing the second, you're also doing the first?
Nicki Richesin: At Home on the Range With Elizabeth Gilbert
Elizabeth Gilbert never knew her great-grandmother. While unpacking boxes of old books, she rediscovered her cookbook At Home on the Range first published in 1947 and met her for the first time through her witty and warm writing.
Robin Gorman Newman: A Child's Right to Choose: Not a Tiger Mom
What about happiness? Does diligence in the face of reluctance lead to happier adulthood? What about enjoying childhood? You're only young once.
Linda Novick O'Keefe: Make May Your Official Family Mealtime Month: A How-To Guide
Your kids will not only benefit from family mealtime -- they'll remember their experiences fondly into adulthood and will pass the tradition on to their children. Here is a four-step guide for parents to bring mealtime back and include their children in the process.
Ben Greenfield: 10 Ways to Keep Your Workouts Exciting
The nice part about changing up your workouts is that not only does it keep your body guessing, but it also keeps your brain guessing, which can help keep workouts from getting ho-hum or boring -- and keep you from losing your exercise motivation!

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