Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This Month In Food Crime, Massive Onion Recall, Giant Cupcake Mosaic And More

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
As always, we'd like to suggest that we all take a deep breath and eat the food in front of us, instead of attacking one another with it.
Onion Listeria Recall Expands To Multiple States, Canada
PHOTOS: The World's Largest Cupcake Mosaic
Meat Shirts Tell The World You're A Carnivore
A Beer Glass And Shot Glass In One
Dunkin' Donuts Tries Its Version Of Smell-O-Vision
Food & Wine: America's Best Sandwich Shops
It's time to make way for the sandwich chefs and their incredible creations. Here, Food & Winenames America's best sandwich shops.
Vanity Fair: What Martha Stewart Eats Around the World
Food52: 10 Gorgeous Summer Corn Recipes
The ultimate sign of summer? Corn. Preferably on the cob. But, we'll take corn any which way, really -- as long as it's fresh and sweet and the weather is warm.
Conde Nast Traveler: Crazy Ice Cream Flavors From Around The World
Frozen treats are way more than just chocolate and vanilla in these far-flung countries.
SmarterTravel: America's Best Beach Eats
There's nothing like a beautiful beach with cool saltwater air. But add a delicious snack -- whether it's locally sourced seafood or a frozen sugary treat -- and your beach experience will surely be elevated to a heavenly degree.

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