Monday, October 1, 2012

Taco Bell Facelift, Pizza Wars, Meat Shot Glasses And More

Monday, October 1, 2012
Like Jon Bon Jovi and Tom Cruise, Taco Bell turned 50 this year. And like Jon Bon Jovi and Tom Cruise, Taco Bell does not intend to start looking its own age anytime soon. Not with younger, hipper rival Chipotle nipping at its heels. So the Irvine, Cali.-based fast food chain is getting a facelift.
Chinese Restaurant Closed After Dead Deer Found Inside Kitchen
WATCH: Bourdain Calls Guy Fieri's Newest Restaurant A 'Terror-Dome'
New Domino's Ad Takes A Swipe At Pizza Hut's Frozen Dough
PHOTO: The World's Largest Pizza Box
Meat Shot Glasses Are What Your Parties Have Been Missing
Tamar Haspel: Who's To Blame For Factory Pork? Probably You.
It's easy to come down hard on pork producers, and I'm perfectly willing to do that, but I think we need to tackle this problem at its source: the demand for ever-cheaper pork.
Elie Ayrouth: Foodieleaks Continues: Here's How to Properly Eat a Cupcake
No more awkward nibbling in public, no more frosting in your nostrils, just pure blissful frosting-to-cake ratio in every bite.
Tom Macy: Rethinking Fall Cocktails
People salivate on line at Starbucks eagerly awaiting their pumpkin spice lattes and delight in slipping on lightweight jackets to compliment the blushing foliage. Why too shouldn't lifting the year's first glass of Apple Brandy be part of the tradition?
Ellen Kanner: Meatless Monday: On World Vegetarian Day, Vegan Baby Makes Three
It's World Vegetarian Day, the start of Vegetarian Awareness Month, when we celebrate and explore the benefits of a meatless life.
Shira Lazar: 'My Drunk Kitchen' Star Hannah Hart's Guide to Cocktail Mixing
While the show starts off with a straightforward Whiskey Ginger, our resident mixologist proceeds to get really creative by serving up her original Jar-garitas and even concocting a special "What's Trending" cocktail! (It's a tasty mixture of pineapple juice, ginger ale and vodka.)

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